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  • Craft Your Cover Letter Academy Doctor -
    Showcase your value to the company
    15 Lessons 00:12:20 Hours English Beginner
    $49 $159
    6 Ratings
  • Mastering Upwork: How to Successfully Work from Home Academy Doctor -
    How to go from unemployed to working full-time, freelancing on Upwork.
    28 Lessons 00:53:25 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $59
    0 Ratings
  • Best Cover Letter to Land Your First SEO Client on Upwork Jonathan Shea -
    The Best Cover Letter & Strategy to Get Your First SEO Client on Upwork & any other Freelancing Sites.
    8 Lessons 00:45:52 Hours English Beginner
    $89 $199
    5 Ratings
  • Unlocking Your Potential: 5 Exercises to Build Creative Confidence Emma Gannon -
    Project Description Share a completed worksheet, reflection, or project. Download the class worksheets to follow along with Emma. Remember, embracing the fear of sharing incomplete or imperfect work is a big part of the process, so use the project space to practice! Some questions to consider: Which type or types of self-sabotage hit home for you? What surprised you most? Maybe you discovered a pattern you didn’t realize was there. How will these ideas change the way you approach your next goal or project? As a final step, share a completed worksheet or promote your current creative project (with pride!). We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!
    8 Lessons 00:43:05 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $29
    0 Ratings
  • Get Unstuck: Beat Procrastination for Once and For All! Jill McAbe -
    Project Description How To Beat Procrastination With This Course: To gain maximum benefit from this course I recommend watching lessons 1-7 with a pen and journal in hand so you can take notes on each of the seven techniques you are going to learn! Lessons 8-10 will be your class project. In these lessons, I guide you through how to 'program yourself' (you learn why you want to do this in lessons one and two) to overcome procrastination on a goal you've been stalling on. In about an hour, you'll be empowered to spend your time the way you really want to. Please share your projects here. I'd be happy to give you feedback and extra pointers if you do! Rooting for your success, Jill
    10 Lessons 00:47:26 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $39
    0 Ratings
  • Creating A Microscopic Still Life In Cinema 4D Patrick Foley -
    Project Description Upload your results below! I'd love to see both your untextured geometry as well as your final result! Would love to give you feedback.
    9 Lessons 00:52:23 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $59
    0 Ratings
  • 30 seconds website creation Srinidhi Srinidhi -
    Learn Incredible Website Design, Development Tools and Platforms using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
    10 Lessons 02:37:25 Hours English Beginner
    0 Ratings