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  • Becoming an Instagram Influencer: Creating Authentic Content and Monetizing Your Following Sean Dalton -
    Project Description Curate 5 photos that match the theme you want your Instagram to focus on. These photos can be yours, or photos that you find online or on Instagram. Focus on keeping these 5 images consistent not only in theme, but in style as well (lighting, editing, colors, etc.) If you already have a consistent feed, post 5 of your photos that you think embody it the best. PS: This is a great exercise for those trying to improve their Instagram accounts, and its a great way to get feedback from me and other course members :)
    10 Lessons 00:47:41 Hours English Beginner
    $9 $159
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  • Branding for Entrepreneurs: Building an Aspirational Brand in the Instagram Era Cyndi RamirezFulton -
    Share your worksheets and branding exercises! Choose your favorite of Cyndi's exercises, or the one you're most excited about, and share it with the class! If you're stuck, remember: There are worksheets for the class that can help you get started The most important thing is to be passionate — focus first on what you're excited about Nothing you share has to be set in stone; brands, like culture, are constantly evolving We're so excited to see what you've made!
    11 Lessons 00:57:02 Hours English Beginner
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  • Instagram and Personal Branding: Establishing a Strong and Authentic Personal Brand on Instagram Sean Dalton -
    Project Description For the course project, please answer these three questions: List a theme or two that you are interested in pursuing on Instagram Explain why you chose this theme. How do you plan to create content for your theme? Feel free to include to share some of your photos or content you plan to post on Instagram. If you already have account, feel free to share it with us. Discuss your theme and why you chose it, and if you are planning to change your theme to something different, tell us how you hope to achieve that. I can't wait to see your project!
    13 Lessons 00:56:56 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $49
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  • Lit Instagram: An Introductory Class to Social Media Marketing on Instagram Nikki Kahl -
    Our class project consists of three easy steps: Create an Instagram bio using the formula outlined in the class. Screenshot and submit as Part 1 of your class project. Write an Instagram caption that tells a story with a lesson and a call to action (i.e. listen to the podcast, read the blog, book an appointment, etc.) Post to Instagram and take a screenshot to submit as Part 2 of your class project.
    8 Lessons 00:31:55 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $29
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