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  • Logo Design with Grids: Timeless Style from Simple Shapes George Bokhua -
    Project Description Design a letterform logo from your initials. Pick any letter you'd like — this can be an initial from your last name, brand or client Sketch 10-15 ideas on grid paper — update your Project Workspace as you go along! Take your favorite sketch, scan it into Illustrator — lay out your basic vector linework Align your grids in Illustrator — add that extra polish of perfection to your mark Please share your finished logo, along with your grids overlaid onto it, and any sketches or rough ideas along the way. Looking forward to seeing your marks come to life.
    9 Lessons 00:31:46 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $39
    1 Ratings
  • How To Customize Fonts For Logo Design Jon Brommet -
    Project Description The project for this class is to pick an existing Sans-Serif font then choose a word, business name, etc and customize the typography to your liking. This doesn't have to be for a logo, but it is one of the most common uses of customized fonts. If you'd like to upload your project (and I hope you do) please write the name of the font you used and show a screen shot of your word before and after. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!
    12 Lessons 00:55:43 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $19
    2 Ratings
  • Create a Minimalist Logo Design in 15 minutes. Nam Dang -
    Project Description You will come up with your own ideas to create a new logo design and try to do it within 15 minutes. The logo may be depended on the one that we've been working on through the lessons. Be creative and have fun!
    10 Lessons 00:43:00 Hours English Beginner
    $1 $15
    2 Ratings