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  • Learn to Use After Effects Jorgen Dijck -
    The project for this class is for you try and create or enhance a video of yours and post for us to see what you are able to create. Try to use as many functions as you can but there's no pressure, as long as you're able to create something you're happy with then I'm happy! :)
    11 Lessons 01:11:12 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $99
    3 Ratings
  • The Ultimate Guide to 3D in After Effects Jake Bartlett -
    Project Description For the class project you'll be creating an animation in 3D. I'll be showing you how I approach an animated lyric video, but you can create absolutely anything that uses what you learn from this class. If you like having a prompt, then choose one of your favorite songs to animate to. It can be a portion of the song, or the whole thing. Feel free to make it as complex or as simple as you'd like. As long as it uses 3D in some capacity, it'll fit right in! Complete this project in these easy steps: Watch through the lessons Create a 3D animation Export and upload to your class project
    31 Lessons 04:27:51 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $59
    2 Ratings