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  • Woocommerce Step-by-step Course Create Professional eCommerce Store Gvidas Maskoliunas -
    Project Description After you will learn how to work with a premium theme, and you will be familiar with customization settings, I want to see the header of your website. I suggest you use a matching color palette and don't make your header too flashy keep it simple. And if you will have any questions feel free to contact me or join my Mastermind Facebook group.
    44 Lessons 02:48:31 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $79
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  • WooCommerce Masterclass 2020 - Build a Full Online Store with WooCommerce Alexander Oni -
    Project Description You have learned how to create different types of products including simple, grouped and variable types. Now it is time to test what you have learned. For your project, I want you to create 9 different products and they could be of any type however each product must have at least 2 images in its gallery, must have a price and a shipping method attached to it as well. Once you have finished, you can either take a snapshot of your shopping page or make a video providing a quick tour of the page. I have attached a zipped file to help you with this project. Please go ahead, download and unzip the files in it. You will find all the images I used in this course and you can use them as well to populate your store.
    53 Lessons 04:44:01 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $89
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  • The Complete WooCommerce Elementor Tutorial - Build a Full E-Commerce Store Alexander Oni -
    Project Description Alright so for our class project here is what I want you to do and its pretty simple. Using the techniques described in the course, I want you to build your very own store and provide the link to the course once it has been built so we can all take a look together. If you are interested in using the images that I used in the course, visit this link and download them. SITEGROUND OFFER If you would like to try Siteground hosting, I would like to offer you my special affiliate link. What this means is that you will be able to try their hosting for 1 full month for free and then if you do decide to pay for their services after, I will get a small commission. I should also add that you might be eligible for a discount if you do decide to use my affiliate link. Here is my link - Try Siteground Hosting for FREE I also created a full tutorial on how to use all the services available with Siteground and you can check it out here - If you would like to read my full review on why Siteground are one of the best if not the best web hosting company in the world, here is the link to the article - Why Siteground are the best Web Hosting Company
    41 Lessons 04:23:22 Hours English Beginner
    $5 $129
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