Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing - Build Artificial Intelligence AI Chatbots Without Coding

Project Description Please share your Chatbots with the other students! Sharing is caring. What are you using your Chatbots for? Your Business? Your Clients? Please share! Love Robin & Jesper

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What will i learn?
  • The Smart Phone Era:
  • Build Your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbots
  • Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Clients

Curriculum for this course
19 Lessons 03:45:31 Hours
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19 Lessons 03:45:31 Hours
  • Sign Up 00:12:20
  • Navigation 00:16:20
  • Audience 00:07:12
  • Create & Connect Facebook Page 00:05:15
  • Main Menu 00:18:08
  • Welcome Message 00:07:42
  • Keywords 00:11:12
  • Sequences 00:10:33
  • Rules 00:10:05
  • Flow Builder 00:19:34
  • Flow Builder Actions 00:15:04
  • Template For Beginners 00:11:38
  • Restaurant Template 00:10:53
  • Ecommerce Template 00:09:33
  • Professional Services Template 00:11:25
  • Automotive Template 00:09:10
  • Real Estate Template 00:09:16
  • Create Your Own Template 00:15:10
  • Facebook Comments 00:15:01
  • Listening Skills
  • Patience
  • Basic English Understanding
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About This Class

Facebook Messenger Chatbots is today the most effective marketing technique to collect leads, convert users, and educate customers with automated conversations. Yes! Automated - Once you've set up your or your clients chatbot.. The Chatbot is collecting leads, converting messenger users to customers & even educating customers about your brand, products & services 24/7 without you doing anything.

The Smart Phone Era: People are today stuck to their phone - that's not an surprise for you.. People are also communicating with friends, family & new people online. The best way we as Marketers can use this information is to become someone people want to communicate with!

If People Like You - People Want To Buy From You.
That's true! People buy products & services from brands they feel a connection to. What is the best way to connect with people over the phone? Communication. And by far the best way to reach people is by communicating through the biggest platform Facebook & the bigger chat app Messenger. And why not automate the whole conversation part by creating a Chatbot that are doing the Marketing for us? Well... That's actually a great idea!

After This Course You'll Be Able To

  • Build Your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  • Build  Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Clients

This Course is for anyone wanting to accelerate their Business and/or Career with the latest & most effective Marketing techniques out there today!

Once you've build your Chatbot - the Chatbot is collecting leads, selling products and/or services & even educating your customers on a daily basis without you having to do anything.

The Best Of All: You don't need any coding experience - this course is build without a single code. Join us & start building your first Chatbot!


Robin & Jesper

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