How to Find a Winning Products For Dropshipping

Find your next winning product for Shopify/eBay/Amazon through data backed consumer behavior research

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Created by Aviv Malka
Last updated Thu, 11-Aug-2022
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Course overview

Use my proven step-by-step guide to find the exact products you can dropship to start making 10k/month on your Shopify store. Hi I’m Aviv, when I was first starting out; I used to waste countless hours and dollars testing out product after product just to see if I was lucky enough to find a winner. This led to nothing but deeper debt. After countless money spent and a lot of failed products, I found my first successful product, then the next, and the next. I realised that there was a pattern between the failed products and the winners. Below is a sneak peek at two categories of successful products you can use for online success.

Trending products, and Universal products.

Trending products are sudden products that consumers find interesting enough to purchase for an event, movement, or season. As the name states, these products don't last forever. They can make you thousands of dollars in a short amount of time however. In my course I'll show you how I made my first $10,000 through these products and show you how you can do it too.

Universal products are products which have a continuous stream of consumers who are always looking to purchase this product every month. You won’t be able to scale this product to thousands of dollars in a day; however, you can generate a steady profit off them each month. The more universal products you discover the longer your store can remain profitable.

Get my guide now, and watch your online marketing dreams come true.

What will i learn?

  • How to Find Winning Products for Any Niche & Category
  • Listening Skills
  • Basic English Understanding
  • Patience
Curriculum for this course
18 Lessons 02:17:34 Hours
18 Lessons 02:17:34 Hours
  • Introduction
  • How to Recognise the Trend With Google Trends
  • How to Find Winning Keywords With Keyword Planner
  • How to Find The Right Product Based on The Trend
  • Private Invitation
  • How to Find a Trending Product That Sells Like Crazy NOW! (2020 method)
  • Recommendation
  • How to find Amazing products on Facebook that runs Right Now
  • What Products Advertisers Running Right Now? My Secret Revealed
  • Another Way to Find a Trending Products..
  • Recommendation #2
  • The Game Has Changed | New Alternative to AliExpress & Amazon
  • How i generate $109K in 90 Days with a single Product
  • The Steps you should take after you find a winning product
  • Revealed My Secret Method How i Crush It With My Hot Products
  • How To Increase AOV And Scale The Backend Like The Big Boys
  • Bonus: Our Recommendation For Research Tool
  • Bonus: Our Second Recommendations For Research Tool
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